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The Team

Veterinary Team

Garth Partnership prides itself on the level of service it provides to its customers but is constantly striving to improve on these high standards. We will continue to add to our services and whilst all ideas don't suit all farms we will create bespoke solutions where necessary. Our team approach is customer based and all members of the Garth team can be approached on any issues.

Paul Thompson BA VetMB MRCVS

Paul Thompson BA VetMB MRCVS  Veterinarian

Paul has many years of experience in all aspects of pig production.

Contact Paul on 01262 488323 or

Guy Wade West BVetMed CertPM MRCVS

Guy Wade West BVetMed CertPM MRCVS  Veterinarian

Guy joined the business in 1998 focusing entirely on pig production and has a certificate in pig medicine.  His interests include performance analysis and monitoring, outdoor systems and disease eradication programmes.

Contact Guy on 01262 488323 or

Gemma Thwaites BVSc MRCVS

Gemma Thwaites BVSc MRCVS  Veterinarian

Gemma joined Garth in 2007 to specialise in pig medicine after working in mixed practice.  She is studying for her certificate in pig medicine.  Gemma is involved in advisory work, and all aspects of investigations on farm.  She is particularly interested in improving health on farm and disease eradication programmes. 

Contact Gemma on 01262 488323 or

John Hayden BVSc MRCVS

John Hayden BVSc MRCVS  Veterinarian

John runs INTEGRA VETERINARY SERVICES in East Anglia and has a wealth of experience of both indoor and outdoor pig production. He is heavily involved in the implementation of preventative medicine programmes on farms.

Contact John on: 01842 879379 or





Janet Owen BVetMed DPM MRCVS

Janet Owen BVetMed DPM MRCVS  Veterinarian

Janet is a RCVS specialist in Pig Medicine and joined the Garth team over 11 years ago. She has extensive experience of pig diseases and production in the UK and Europe. She is mainly involved in setting up and running health monitoring programs and all advisory services to indoor and outdoor pig producers.

Contact Janet on 01262 488323 or

Adrian Cox BVetMed MRCVS

Adrian Cox BVetMed MRCVS  Veterinarian

 Adrian qualified from London in 1992 and has been involved in the Pig Industry ever since.  He was senior farm partner in a large veterinary practice in Oxfordshire where he ran the pig section of the business.  He relocated to Yorkshire in 2005 and has acted as a consultant for Garth Pig Practice since 2007.  Away from the Pig Industry his main interest is his farm where he is developing a pedigree herd of Aberdeen Angus. 

Contact Adrian on 01262 488323 or


Louise Blenkhorn BSc Hons BVM&S MRCVS

Louise Blenkhorn BSc Hons BVM&S MRCVS  Veterinarian

Louise joined the pig team at Garth in April 2012 having previously worked extensively with pigs in Yorkshire since graduation from Edinburgh in 2010.  Louise is the daughter of a pig farmer and as such boosts a wealth of practical knowledge of the day to day running and management of pig units.  Herd health management and fertility improvements are of particular interest to Louise, including offering on farm assessments and training. 

Contact Louise on 01262 488323 or


Alasdair Macleod MRCVS

Alasdair Macleod MRCVS  Veterinarian

Alasdair grew up on a pig farm in Spain and qualified from CEU- Cardenal Herrera University in 2010, having previously completed a year of his studies at Universidade de Lisboa. He spent some time learning from leading Spanish pig vets and after a short stint managing the family 750 sow unit in Valencia he moved back to the UK to work for a Yorkshire based breeding company. He joined Garth towards the end of 2012 and relocated to North East Scotland to work with some of our Scottish clients. Coming from a pig farming background he is especially interested in practical management and disease control to maximise efficiency on farm as well as improving internal and external biosecurity.


Contact Alasdair on 01262 488323



Fiona Bennett BVSc MRCVS

Fiona Bennett BVSc MRCVS  Veterinary Surgeon

Fiona qualified from Liverpool University in 2016 and has a keen interest in pig health and production.

Her family are arable farmers in Liverpool and Fiona also enjoys looking after her flock of Texel sheep.

Contact Fiona on 01262 488323




Christina Huelsmann-Diamond BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS

Christina Huelsmann-Diamond BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS  Veterinary Surgeon

Christina graduated in 2017 from RVC, London and then joined Garth Pig Practice Ltd.  She has previously spent time in Germany working with pig vets, which developed her interest in pig health and production as well as preventative medicine.  

Contact Christina on:

01262 488323

Ciara O'Neill BSc MVB CertILHP MRCVS

Ciara O'Neill BSc MVB CertILHP MRCVS  Veterinary Surgeon

Ciara qualified from Dublin in 2011 and moved to the UK shortly afterwards to work in a specialist pig practice in the south-west.  While in practice, she completed a certificate in intensive livestock health and production, and subsequently moved on to a veterinary consultant role within the pharaceutical industry.

Ciara works across the multitude of production types and stages, but with a keen interest in gilt management, and is also especially focussed on PRDC and its impact on productivity.

Outside of work Ciara swims, cycles and occasionally runs.  

German Sanchez Collado MRCVS

German Sanchez Collado MRCVS  Veterinary Surgeon

German qualified from University of Cordoba in 2006 and started to work with pigs and ruminants in a Sanitary Defence Association.  In 2008 he completed a Master degree in Animal Health doing a research about salmonella in pigs.  He worked for 3 years doing laboratory diagnosis in Spain and then moved to UK in 2014 and worked as an Official Veterinarian.  He joined Garth in September 2018.  He is interested in all aspects of pig production and especially disease control, zoonosis, biosecurity and herd health management.  

Contact German on:

01262 488323

Nicola Bowers BSc (Hons) MSc

Nicola Bowers BSc (Hons) MSc  Animal Technician

Nicola has an MSc from Edinburgh University in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, and worked at Newcastle University as a research technician with particular emphasis on conventional and alternate farrowing systems and also has teaching experience.

Contact Nicola on: 01262 488323



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